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The name Talent Squared is derived from the notion that effective, caring, and strategic support can help you lean into your strengths and potential to unlock and exponentiate talent. 

Support can mean coaching that aids learning, competency development, and self-discovery. It can also mean training, workshops, or advice to help you discover tools and methods to succeed.

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Purpose is your "why", it's why you show up and why it matters that you show up. Purpose gives you direction. Not everyone needs to feel passionate about their work. Purpose is more sustainable.


High return on investment. Time is valuable. The time we spend together should be value-adding. You are spending time investing in yourself. We want the time spent to be truly value-adding. If it's not, what's the point? This means we check in on what works for you and what doesn't. We focus on tailoring our sessions to fit your individual needs.


No one is an island. Everyone needs help every now and then and everyone deserves to receive support, whether it's a listening ear or practical advice. What support means varies and we return to this question frequently. We are here to champion you.


An objective of Talent Sqrd is to provide clients with the language and tools to succeed. Language can mean concepts to help you understand your own actions and behaviors, tools can mean frameworks or best practices to help you better manage yourself and others. Our tools are derived from academia and research.

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Anna is a Leadership, Performance, and Career Coach (ACC certification from the International Coaching Federation) with experience in coaching, human resources, talent development, and real estate. Anna started working in human resources 13 years ago and has since then had the opportunity to build her skills and experience in a variety of roles. Anna is a skilled active listener, empathetic coach, and action-oriented problem solver. 

Her mission is to work with leaders and team members to help them perform at their best, increase deliberateness and strategic awareness, amplify their impact, and multiply their talent and the talent around them.

Her experience includes over 550 hours of coaching leaders, and emerging talent in a variety of industries (tech, food, and beverage, banking, and insurance, auto industry, etc.) and companies throughout the US. As a founding coach at Marlow, a Bay Area coaching company, her experience also includes working with the founders to develop the company’s coaching philosophy, original process, and over 60-topic curriculum, as well as developing go-to-market strategies, and customizing solutions for clients. 

Currently, on her 3rd career, Anna has mastered the skill of figuring out how to pivot her career direction and can help you do the same. Her multifaceted work experience has built a deep and intuitive understanding of team members and leaders' needs and how outcome-oriented coaching conversations can be the key to success.

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