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Are you looking for a job in a foreign country, transferring to a foreign company, or looking to set up your business abroad? Talent Sqrd and Anna are here to help you. 

Anna has worked in San Francisco and New York, coaching individuals and managers across industries and states in America. Having moved from Finland to the US, and experienced what it means to look for a job in the United States, Anna is uniquely equipped to help. Additionally, Anna has lived in England and Hong Kong.

Moving Abroad: Service


For individuals:

  • Get help searching for a job in a foreign environment

  • Learn about the cultural differences to take into account in your role

  • Manage your transfer and change of environment

For companies:

  • Build a strategy for talent acquisition and employer branding in a new environment​

  • Set your managers up for success in a foreign environment and ensure they know how to take into account cultural differences

Moving Abroad: Service


Emphasis on personalization, incremental change, and follow-up to optimize for long-lasting results

  • ​Anna's coaching approach is a hybrid of coaching, training, and advising, adjusted based on the coachee's needs and level of skill

  • Use of proven academic resources to build the coachee's toolbox of skills

  • Anna's objective is to help her coachees define at least one relevant action item per session. One action per coaching session allows for the steady testing of and building of new habits for long-term results.

  • Anna favors 1-hour coaching sessions over several months rather than a one-off workshop with little to no personalization or follow-up.

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Moving Abroad: Testimonials

"I worked with Anna during a project that was bigger than anything I'd ever worked on before, delivering a major product launch for a company in rapid growth. Her coaching provided an invaluable external perspective, helping me keep my focus sharp and guiding me through the new and sometimes sticky challenges I faced. I owe a lot of my success during that time to her support, and I'd recommend her to anyone."

– H.W, Senior Engineering Manager at CircleCI


Additional options on request

500€ + VAT 24%

7 x 30 min calls

Weekly or bi-weekly calls. We kick off with a 30-minute intake call to discuss your objectives, and expectations and define your coaching plan. Homework in between calls. Includes 1 resume review. Additional resume reviews +50€.

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200 € + VAT 24% / MONTH


The agreement includes 2 x 30-minute calls per month or a 60-minute call per month. We kick off with a free 60-minute intake call to discuss your ideal coaching plan and expectations. Billed monthly or 3-6 months at a time with a discount. 

*In-person meetings at your offices + 50€ in the Helsinki region

** Minimum 3-month agreement

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250€ + VAT 24%


One-time 60-min coaching session.

*in-person sessions in the Helsinki region in person + 100€ + VAT

Lets get started!
Moving Abroad: Price List


Ready to get started or just want to learn more? Get in touch today via the form below, email me directly at or book a free 30-min intro call here.

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